''Honestly, it's amazing. My lips are so chapped at the moment and I always find that some lip balms can dry my lips out more. But this one just completely restored them and the moisture lasts for such a long time! I love it! Defo one of the best ones ive used.''


''Absolutely obsessed with Whysees lip balm! My lips are so moisturised and feel insane, a little plump too.''


''Such a great addition to my every day routine and I haven't had sore or cracked lips since.''


'It's amazing! It's still on now. Very moisturising and feels like a silky luxury product on my lips.''


''I can't believe how soft it is! Even with my bag being stored in the front porch, it didn't get hard. Smells gorgeous, my kids wanted some every time I applied it!''


''That lip balm is bloody beaut! Feels so nice on my lips! It doesn't feel too oily and my lips actually feel moisturised!''


''Best lip balm ever.'' 


''I just got my lip balm through today and OMG! It feels amazing on my lips after the first application, I'm already obsessed.''

Emily H

''I love it and it smells amazing.''


So good - the mandarin smells amazing! It leaves my lips Lovely and smooth! 


I love mine! It's replaced my normal balm - it smells so nice and makes my lips feel so soft!


''I'm not joking.. that peppermint one.. AMAZING! I don't ever think I'll live without it!''


I absolutely adore these balms. They provide instant relief of dryness, giving my lips the hydration they need. I use it religiously but each use lasts for so long. I'm addicted!


I love them! I have one in my bathroom, one next to my bed and one on my desk! I've always been a Carmex girl, but I may be a Whysee's covert now!


Absolutely the best lip balm I have tried! I'm one for a lip balm and this is definitely the one for me! Thank you so much for creating something great! Packaging is a bonus for sure!


Leaves my lips so soft! Nice taste, nice feel and not gross or greasy!


''OMG I love absolutely love them! They feel amazing and have your lips feeling lush! You've perfected them!''


''I love lip balms but I've had ones before that don't feel smooth or hydrating on! This one is so hydrating and adds a really nice shine to my lips! I can't wait to keep using them!''

Emily B

''Received my lip balm today and honestly love it. Feels amazing on and I love the peppermint! One of my favourite scents because it's so refreshing.''


''Favourite part of my night routine using Whysee's lip balm. Makes my lips so soft and moisturised.''


''Honestly hands down the best lip balm I've ever used. It's so moisturising and leaves my lips replenished and super soft! It doesn't feel oily or thick like a lot of them do, it is so buttery!''


''They feel lovely, they smell lovely too. I love the mandarin one! They're definitely helping.''


''Smells amazing and applies so soft, not like other lip balms I've used which have been hard until you've used regularly.''


''They are so nice and will be my go to!''


''They are absolutely beautiful  and have done wonders for my lips. the cold really effects my lips and these have sorted that right out''


I got one as a gift from my sister and it makes my lips really soft. 10/10 the best lip balm! 


Smooth and hydrating, absolutely loving them!


''I use mainly the orange scented one, it is such a strong beautiful smell and keeps my lips moisturised!''


''I love them honestly! I put all 4 on when I got them and the original is with me on a 12 hour shift! I already feel how amazing they are''


''The best lip balm I have ever used! the smell is to die for, I wanted to eat it. used it once yesterday and my lips stayed smooth all day''


''It feels amazing on my lips!''


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