Our Ethos

A Natural Selection You’ll Love

With simplicity in mind, Whysee's offers environmentally friendly and 100% cruelty free natural products that everyone can enjoy. Working only with high quality ingredients, Whysee’s provides a cruelty free method to tackle skin and body care issues. Our top priority is providing you with an answer to skin/body care, whilst preserving nature and keeping it all very simple. Have you ever read a label and not understood a vast percentage of it? Well kiss those days goodbye!

Environmentally Friendly


I'm not sure if we have mentioned it enough, but we are very big on the environment! We believe in protecting the eco-system and being a part of creating a more sustainable planet. All of our ingredients are organic and our plastic packaging is recyclable. 



At Whysee's, we make it a point to research the ingredients that go into our lip balms. Naturally obtained, you can count on our ingredients working together to produce a smooth and moisturised result.

Cruelty Free

I am sure if we can all agree on one thing, it would be that we do not like animals to suffer - we are strongly against animal testing. Animals are able to feel pain just as we do, meaning they should be treated with compassion and respect.


Simplicity at Heart

What you see is what you get with our lip balms - due to the simple and natural nature of our ingredients, there are no hidden chemicals, toxins or parabens to be alarmed about. we believe less is more!

Get In Touch

At Whysee's, we’re there for all our customers. Want to learn more about our range of products, or have a specific question in mind? Contact us, we are here to guarantee you are satisfied with your purchase.

Basingstoke, Hampshire, United Kingdom

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