Who We Are

Everything You Need to Know About Whysee's

With nature in mind, Whysee's makes natural lip care to aid in your lip needs. We know that your lips are a prime part of your face, so they should be taken care of. We believe in delivering great quality products without harming the environment or animals.

Whysee's is a company created with a greener future in mind. Both beauty and nature are close to Yasmin's heart, so why not combine them together. Above this, it has always deemed challenging to find a natural lip balm that is effective. 

There are no hidden nasties in our lip balms and are created with unique raw ingredients at affordable prices. As well as this, we can say with pride that our products are all cruelty free and environmentally friendly. Our tubes are currently made from recyclable plastic and are sourced from a natural supplier.

We aim to have your lips feeling hydrated, replenished and moisturised in as little as one use. Don't just take our word for it, check out what our customers have to say about it.